Sunrise Cares is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping remove the stigma associated with mental illness, providing support, encouragement, and highlighting positive, healthy alternatives for individuals. Through community outreach and positive leadership, we encourage self-improvement, social responsibility, and academic achievement, with an awareness that joy and happiness are attainable.


Lynda Micheletti

Chief Operations Officer, Praesum Healthcare

An avid rock climber, runner, and fitness enthusiast, Lynda goes to great lengths to challenge herself physically and mentally in everything she does.
Having begun her career as a licensed addiction counselor, Lynda's 20 years of behavioral health treatment and operations experience allow her to understand and take action in all aspects of operating and managing behavioral health facilities, their clinicians, medical staff, and support staff.

Joe Horrocks

VP of Business Development, Praesum Healthcare

Joining the Praesum Healthcare team in 2007, Joe has helped countless families and individuals in need of addiction and mental health treatment. As VP of Business Development, he leads the community outreach team in developing meaningful business relationships nationally. Joe enjoys personal development and the mentorship opportunities available with new team members believing everyone can achieve if given the proper guidance, a good attitude, and an interest in growing personally and professionally.

Stokes Aitken

Chief Financial Officer, Praesum Healthcare

A regarded athlete, father, and mentor to young athletes, Stokes has a special gift for seeing opportunity and acting. His drive to win is apparent both personally and professionally. As an executive with Praesum Healthcare for over a decade, his knowledge of the behavioral healthcare industry is significant. This knowledge has helped aid the mission of Sunrise Cares and its philanthropic activities.

Dr. Robert White

Chief Medical Officer, Praesum Healthcare

Dr. White’s experience is unparalleled in treating mental health and addiction disorders. As an industry expert, he routinely provides consultant services in various psychiatric and substance abuse settings related to operations, regulatory policy, and delivery systems. He is a graduate of Trenton State College with a BSN, The College of New Jersey with an MSN and, two post-masters from Rutgers University. Dr. White is also a member of the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International, and holds a national board certification as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and as a Family Nurse Practitioner.